Cindy Larsen

Several years ago my husband and I were part of a personal development group that met for long weekends several times a year. One of the themes one weekend was "What are the gifts to be found in our childhood injustices?" It was as a direct result of that weekend that I got present to my own talent for recognizing when others are uncomfortable or in pain, as well as intuitively knowing what was needed to alleviate their discomfort.  Out of "the injustice" of caring for my mom throughout my childhood came the gift of empathy and compassion.  Recognizing that gift was pivotal for me as I continued along my personal development path.  About that same time I met Kristin and we became good friends.  Over the years we have had many conversations about a place where people could come to be treated with compassion and be cared for by a team of practitioners trained in a multitude of modalities.  A place where wholeness and wellness was possible.  It is an honor for me to be a part of the place called Healing Within.

In another one of those amazing development weekends we created our own personal mission statements, mine reads as follows:  I am a creative spirit with a generous heart.  I value the contribution you are to me and the gift it is for us to create together.  You can count on me to listen with an appreciation of what life might be like for you, to hear the communication that is not being spoken and to speak with compassion and insight.  I am authentic and expressive.  I can accomplish anything with a little humor and a lot of grace.

As a rule you will not find me at the clinic.  Usually I am at my home on Coon Lake, busy designing and making jewelry.  However, I am trained as a Body Beautiful (Lipo-Massage) practitioner and a Quantum Biofeedback technician and empowerment coach. I am available for these services by appointment only.

Phone: 763-434-3242

Creatively and Appreciatively Yours,
Cindy Larsen,

Cindy Larsen, is, and will always be a grounding source for my life, spirit, and well-being. As a Biofeedback technician, Lipo-Massage practitioner, life coach, and jewelry creator; she has done wonders to bring my self, and my body back to a vibrant, healthy, and nurtured vessel in this world. I travel over 4 hours from Madison, WI, as much as I can throughout the year, to be in the presence of Cindy’s work. I leave my weekends with her knowing I am loved, nurtured, and ready to tackle life; as well as looking fabulous in her jewelry.
— Carrie Ekmark, Sun Prairie Wisconsin