Things people have shared about their experience at Healing Within Wellness Center


"Healing Within Wellness is like the Cadillac in Colon Hydrotherapy services, they do so many things extra to make the experience extra special and effective."


"Kristin Burich is like a colon whisperer, she is able to help the colon release in amazing ways."


"I lost 10 lbs in 5 sessions, my colon was that impacted and the therapists at Healing Within were able to help me wash it out."


"I have been able to truly see how when releasing the emotions and energetic blocks, the colon is also able to release."


"I walk into Healing Within Wellness Center and I just want to hang out there because of the amazing  energy of the Center."


"I have felt very supported by the therapist at Healing Within, they really care about me as a person."