Brenda Miller

Brenda’s life-long passion is in the area of Human & Spiritual Development and Transformation—helping her clients reawaken to who they truly are and to their fullest human potential—while at the same time Brenda trained with natural paths; mental health practitioners; beauty and skin experts who had celebrity clients in Hollywood; and master healers in various Western, Eastern, Asian, and Native American healing modalities, including energy medicine. Brenda has had the rare opportunity and experience in practicing in alternative natural medicine clinics, and has worked on clients in hospitals, including ICUs, and in hospice.  Brenda consults privately, and has facilitated workshops in service and product training; and has spoken at seminars and international conferences regarding alternative health care. As a holistic health practitioner, educator, and life and spiritual coach, Brenda assists clients in improving their mind-body-spirit, while offering cutting-edge healing modalities & energy therapies.



  • Available By Appointment Only

Services Offered:

  •  Brain Awakening & Integration

  •  Spiritual Awakening & Transformation

  • Life & Spiritual Coaching

  • Energy Medicine

  •  Subdermal Vibratory Therapy & Body Contouring

  • Pressodermie

  • Vacuodermie

  • Environmental Detox Clay Body Wrap

  • Ayurveda Seaweed & Dead Sea Salts Wrap

  • Ion Foot Bath

  • Open System Colon Hydrotherapy


Phone: 651.210.5823