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1 Hour Session: $125

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Brenda worked with my daughter and her grades dramatically improved and she now wants to study, which was a complete change from her hating school and not wanting to do homework. She also had emotional reactions when she saw bugs and spiders, and now she doesn’t scream or react when seeing one. An extra bonus.
— Cathy, Burnsville, MN
I suffered from anxiety when taking my certification training for a new job, but after working with Brenda I was able to sail through my testing and I am now making money in a new career and loving it!
— T.J., Hudson, WI

Brain Awakening and Integration

What is it?

The brain has a left and right hemisphere and when one or both of these hemispheres are “switched off” it blocks coordination between the brain hemispheres and suppresses the ability to fully comprehend and do tasks at the highest optimum level.  Brain Awakening & Integration activates brain dominance and brain-hand-eye-ear coordination, and releases blocks to concentration.  Children as well as adults often encounter stresses and traumas that inhibit self confidence and block their potential.  Brain Awakening & Integration techniques release conflict, stress, and trauma stored at physical, mental, and emotional levels.  Once the stress is released and blocks are removed, brain dominance and coordination are restored to both sides of the brain hemispheres, as well as to the eyes, hands, and ears, therefore improving listening, comprehension, note taking, mental agility and retention, and physical coordination. Behavior, social, and verbal skills improve as well as coordination in sports, and cognitive learning in academics, including: reading, listening, speaking, writing, mathematics, and test taking.  The benefits go beyond academics, to excelling in the business environment, and doing daily tasks.  The individual now has the ability to reach their fullest potential in all areas of their life, regardless of their age.


  • Brain dominance & integration
  • Brain-Hand-Eye-Ear coordination
  • Stress relief
  • Polarity balancing
  • Academic achievement
  • Cognitive & performance improvement
  • Emotional stability
  • Physical coordination & agility
  • Self-esteem enrichment
  • Social skills enhancement

What is the Process? 

The participant will experience muscle testing, known as Kinesiology, in order to facilitate accessing the innate intelligence of the human body.  Transformational techniques are introduced  during the session.  One appointment is all that is needed to acquire the desired result.

I am writing to thank you for the miraculous work you did with both my daughters. Shannon was in the process of failing. The session you did with her around her learning disability cleared out so much, she has maintained a B+ grade point average. She has decided to continue on in college and get her four-year degree.
— Sage, Minneapolis, MN