Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is about releasing blocking beliefs, through the use of language and frequencies to clear energy blockages in the body, thus creating space in a particular area of the body for healing. "Testing" in the case of kinesiology resembles the frequency testing in energy medicine.It is the manipulation of bio-energy fields for healing as well as health maintenance.  All biological systems (humans too) have bio-energy fields…electrical, magnetic, light, etc.  It is been believed, in many healing systems, that disturbances in these bio-energy fields can result in illness and disease and that lifestyle, stress and illness affect bio-energy fields.

The benefit from energy medicine is two-fold: Balancing the flow of energy can enhance healing – like the benefits from acupuncture; Adding energy to areas where energy is low can strengthen the patient and enhance the clinical response. 

Bio-energy based medicine is possibly the oldest form of medical therapy known to man.  Bio-energy medicine can be found in every culturally based medical system in the world and it dates back to before the early Egyptian civilization.
Although the medical benefits are often dismissed as simply part of the placebo effect by traditional medicine, there are over 2,000 medical research publications in the traditional medical literature on Reiki alone (Reiki is one of many bio-energy therapies). There are many forms of energy-based therapies including Reiki, therapeutic touch, healing touch, qigong, etc.