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  • Releasing blocked energies
  • Clearing emotions such as fear, guilt, or shame from past lives
  • Overcoming the energy of unforgiveness
  • Alleviating the energetic traumas of birth, childhood, relationships and even past lives which can hinder our forward progress
  • Identifying mistakes of the past that cause us to reject our current purpose
  • Resolving energetic blocks to communication and perceptions
  • Mitigating the energetic effects of being an empath, an energy worker, or a strong desire to be of service
  • Strengthening your understanding and mastery of your highest gifts and abilities
  • Regaining your power, authority and sovereignty
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My Story:

After suffering for more than 20 years with unexplained illness, pain, intractable migraines and surviving several near death and unusual experiences I set out on a path to find the cause of these seemingly unrelated symptoms. I explored every alternative healing option available to me.  This search took me around the world and exposed me to over 30 energy processes, modalities and numerous spiritual philosophies. I patiently read hundreds of books, attended numerous lectures and symposiums and took many courses in energy work in an effort to find a path to health and wholeness.

I have found that the philosophies that promote inner power, self-healing and self-knowledge are the most powerful and effective. This is the foundation of what informs my work today. For the past several years I have worked with clients in Switzerland, Ecuador, England, Mexico, France, Canada, Australia and the US.  I firmly believe that we never stop learning from one another. Each new client brings forward insights and experiences that add to my understanding of how distorted energies can affect the physical body and human consciousness.

I look forward to working with you on your path to wellness.

*I do not offer legal, medical, psychiatric or clinical psychological diagnosis or advice and therefore am not liable for any claims against such.


Phone: 909.708.6175