Jennifer Zenz-Olson

I have been an Independent Clinical Social Worker for 18 years providing support to people on their healing journey. I am also a certified yoga teacher that was motivated by my own personal practice of 13 years as well as the wisdom I have gleaned through client care.  I have had a meditation practice for three years and love the shifts this created in my life and can often be found telling people that meditation “saved my life”.

Clients have noted feeling “energetic exchanges” with me both clinically and in yoga/meditation. I believe that all things are made up of energy and that we can develop our ability to shift our own energy as needed so that you can be the boss of your experiences.

I use my sense of humor as a way to balance the challenging work I do and I am playful in my relationships. All work can include fun and it SHOULD. Combining my wisdom, experience, enthusiasm and connectability I am quick to create relationships and make safe space for healing.

After 18 years of working in the mental health field it became clear to me that to heal the mind we needed to incorporate mind, body and spiritual practices for the best results.  I have come to believe that treating the whole person is crucial to healing and wellness. Thus beginning my journey into developing my own wellness practice, Laughing Lotus Wellness. The lotus symbolizes being reborn and I am amazed by the human resilience and strength I have been privileged to witness in my career. So, just like the lotus, each of us has the opportunity to begin again in each moment and to create the story of our choosing.

By spending time developing and nurturing the various areas of our life we become so much more energized, happy, able to find peace, laugh more easily, focus, find our purpose and obtain success.

I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!


  • By Appointment, Mondays, Fridays, and some Tuesdays

Services Offered:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Wellness Coaching


  • Yoga: $15 per class, $60 per hour for individual yoga

    Meditation: $15 per class

    Wellness Coaching: $ 130.00 per hour

    Wellness coaching will combine: looking at all the areas of a person’s life, creating a plan to achieve the goals each client has incorporating discussion, yoga, meditation, chakra work, crystals, essential oils, music/sound bath. We will use a creative approach to reach your goals and raise your vibration! Watch how all the things fall into place as you make big shifts! We will do the work together and have fun along the way!



Phone: 612-210-7347