Maria Green

I am a spiritual person as well as a holistic practitioner working at Healing Within. I have been performing Colon Hydrotherapy, Ear Coning with Cranial Sacral Techniques and Hmong Traditional Energy Healing since May of 2007 and continued education through reading material for colonics, detoxing, natural healing and remedies at Healing Within. I am very passionate and committed to providing the best services and ways to improve natural health so clients can feel better from the inside out.

When I was growing up in a Hmong household I always watched my mother heal people. She was a natural healer in Laos as well as the Hmong community in America for people that do not use traditional Western medicines and doctors.

When I greet clients, I am a warm and friendly person with a smile on my face. I put clients in a calm and relaxed state of mind that helps eliminate their nervousness and stress. Clients that are in need of additional services will not hesitate to come back to see me because they realize I have extensive knowledge and compassion to help them. Because I am able to really listen to my clients I can provide quality feedback. Clients that come to see me have stated, “It was like a therapy session.” One client calls me his “Little Buddha healer.”

As an adult I realized my mother’s gifts and talents were passed on to me and it inspired me to continue practicing natural ways of healing people.
— Maria


  • Monday – Friday, 5 pm - 8 pm
    Saturday – Sunday, 9 am - 5 pm (after 5pm call if available)

Services Offered:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy-Closed
  • Ear Coning with Cranial Sacral Techniques
  • Hmong Traditional Energy Healing
I have been getting colonics from Maria at Healing Within for the past three years. When I first had colonic session with Maria it was the best experience I’ve ever had. She makes me feel welcomed, comfortable and relaxed. Maria is very loving, caring and is very passionate about her career when comes to helping people heal. After having many sessions with her I feel more energetic, wonderful, less craving for sweets and lose a few pounds. I am grateful to have met Maria.
— ISK.
Feeling clean inside was my first experience along with more energy! Not feeling hungry was a plus for me. Now, I watch what I put in and have a better understanding of how my digestive system works. Maria is the greatest!!! She put me at ease immediately! Maria treats you like you are her only client and is very knowledgeable. Thank you so very much Maria for this awesome experience! This will be the beginning of my health journey.
— L. Olson
My experiences at Healing Within with Maria have been life transforming. From better skin tone and better digestion to all around better health and wellbeing I am a true believer in this wonderful healing and maintenance protocol of colonic hydrotherapy. Maria is a gifted therapist and intuitive healer for me. She is a wonderful person and has become a trusted friend over the many years I have been her client. Thank you again Maria and Healing Within for the commitment you have made to have a first class yet affordable retreat to rejuvenate and reset the body to its natural healing and wellness set point.
— Dave

Phone: 612.817.0081