Wonderful product line that combines amazing herbs and energy to help assist the body in healing targeted organs.  The website is full of great information.

We love their product and offer options to rent out the machines. We also give you the opportunity to purchase these wonderful products for your personal use.

  • Chi Machine
  • Infrared Dome
  • Electro reflexology Energizer and more

Contact Jeff Kowalski at 763-425-1699 and say you were referred to him by Healing Within Wellness Center.

Lauricidin® is 95%+ pure sn-1 Monolaurin. It is derived from the extraction of the lauric acid found in pure coconut oil – then bound to a glycerin using our proprietary molecular distillation process to create pure Monolaurin. Lauricidin® is a dietary supplement for active families with healthy lifestyles (kids, adults, and seniors).

A powdered form of magnesium that has gone through some special processing. It is made according to a formula developed by the German Dr. Blass and has special properties that no other product has. It is totally safe and has been used full term by women during their pregnancy and nursing. Of course the manufacturer cannot recommend it to pregnant women for legal reasons. There are no harmful effects or allergies to it, and most of us are actually deficient in magnesium and will benefit from the magnesium too; although magnesium is not what gives the main benefits. Cleaning the small and large intestines this way is a great accomplishment for the body.