My body seemed to be floating in the sound
Relaxation beyond description
Meditation/Images of cleansing, healing, and peacefulness

Sole't Table

These therapies will bring you to such a deep state of relaxation that all your senses will be stimulated and energized. 

The sound table was designed by a chiropractic doctor who started adjusting bones with specific sound frequencies, and then he started to balance organs with sound frequencies. After that he asked the question, what controls the organs? Your mind does and he designed CD's that will take you into Alpha, Theta, or Delta levels. You will hear sounds of chirping birds, ocean waves, flowing streams, nighttime crickets, raindrops and distant thunder blended into a musical soundtrack. The CD's are played while wearing headphones which make the nature sounds feel three dimensional. The sounds are then driven into the table which vibrates into your body as you lay on the table. The sound frequencies resonate into your cells and the sounds you hear on your left ear vibrate into the left side at your body and the right ear sounds vibrate the right side of your body.

You may choose different CD's that will take you to different levels of consciousness. You may also choose different CD's for Alert Relaxation, Meditation, Insight and Intuition, Creativity and Inspiration, Letting Go of Stress, Rejuvenating Sleep, or Emotional Openness.

The process we use to give the client - the ultimate experience starts off with oxygen drops in water invented by Ed McCabe who wrote the book called Flood Your Body with Oxygen. The whole idea of using an oxygen/mineral/amino-acid/enzyme/structured liquid supplement is to replace and provide extra missing food nutrients while slowly helping and allowing the body to naturally flush its wastes and rebuild and repair itself.

The second part of the experience involves the use of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for five minutes which moves you like a fish swims through the water. Dr. Inoue from Japan combined his 38 years of experience and significant clinical research on 100,000 plus patients to create the Chi Machine. 

Chi Machine Benefits

Just five minutes on the Chi Machine can increase your Oxygen, Energy, and Circulation. When the machine steps many people feel a rushing, tingling, floating or sinking sensation, that's related to their increase of Oxygen Energy and Circulation. Many thousands of incredible testimonies have been reported with the use of the Chi Machine as it detoxifies and helps bring balance to the body.

The third part of the experience involves the use of 2 to 3 Hothouses and the Sound Table at the same time. The Hothouse produces far-infrared light energy that can penetrate 1 ½ inches into the body and it has a warm cozy feeling like sunshine does. 

Dr. Richard Brouse who is a chiropractic physician, bio-chemist, certified clinical nutritionalist, teacher and author says, "The gentle heat of far-infrared helps detoxify the body, promotes relaxation, and improves circulation. It can also help ease the pain and symptoms of problems such as: Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, Injuries, and Diabetes. In almost every instance, it seems to reduce pain and speed the healing process."

Again, thousands of people have reported wonderful benefits from the use of the Hothouse and many after using it the very first time. Trying to describe what this complete therapy feels like is comparable to trying to describe your most wonderful vacation you were on to your best friend. Words can't describe it, you need to experience it. 

Hot House Benefits