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1 Hour Session: $125

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Brenda has been the one person who has helped me the most dealing from a very painful abusive childhood and adulthood. I have seen countless therapists and doctors for my PTSD and have attempted suicide several times, but since working with Brenda I am no longer suicidal, got off all my depression medication, and actually feel joy in my life for the first time. She is a caring, thoughtful person who has made all the difference. I am eternally grateful for Brenda helping me look forward to life again.
— Pat
I was in pain over many loses in my life, including poor health, a bad marriage, and a parent’s death. Brenda removed the blocks that had me stuck in repetitive patterns, and helped me see life and death in a whole new light. I am grateful to have found her.
— Jan

Spiritual Awakening and Integration

What is it?

Perhaps you are attracting the same challenging people into your life, or a love relationship that brings pain, a career that never satisfies, lack of money, family and children conflict, or you have tried everything to heal your body and still encounter disease and illness.  These repeating patterns are firmly rooted in the body, mind, and memory until they are released. Spiritual Awakening & Transformation is a technique and healing that releases conscious and subconscious beliefs, blocks, and old patterns that negatively effect all aspects of our life: health and wellness; money and resources; marriage, family, and children; friends and co-worker relationships; education; career; life purpose; love and happiness. Spiritual Awakening & Transformation helps remove what is holding you back, which is limiting your fullest human potential and keeping you from manifesting a transformative and meaningful life full of love.  This transformation occurs on all levels—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, as well as physically.


Anyone of any age, including a newborn, benefits from Spiritual Awakening & Transformation.  As each session uncovers and releases more layers of stuck patterns, blocks, and limitations, the more the person may feel, notice, and experience positive changes in their life as a result.   Clients often experience more love and happiness, abundance and healing in all areas of their life, even how they feel about and love themselves.  This then becomes a magnet to attracting more positive experiences into their life.

Parents also see changes in their children who have had sessions, and often communicate their child being more outgoing, making friends, being calmer, less agitated, healthier, and better able to express their needs.

My son has special needs and before Brenda started working with him he was becoming more violent towards me and my husband that we had to put him in a special facility, which broke our hearts. Since working with Brenda there has been a profound change in him. He doesn’t have outbursts, he is loving towards us and others, he laughs and is great to be around. The best news he is now back living at home with us. Thank you!
— John’s Parents
I can’t say enough of working with Brenda. I was having panic and anxiety attacks constantly, couldn’t sleep, was dealing with family and relationship issues, and also had financial problems. After each session I could breathe and felt full of energy and a lightness in my body. My issues dissolved more with each session and now I experience loving relationships and have a new job. I could feel the exact time Brenda was working with me remotely. She is a very gifted healer. I only wish I met her years ago.
— Lisa