Louise Snyder


  • By Appointment Only

Services Offered:

  • Flow Alignment and Connection


  • Started practicing meditation in my twenties and have continued on a path of growth ever since.
  • Received a Bachelors Degree in Therapeutic Recreation.
  • Worked for 45 years in the field of mental health as an educator and therapist.
  • Learned numerous techniques in various modalities, in the field of energy healing.
  • Attended workshops and seminars, all related to wellness and health.

What is Flow Alignment and Connection?

Flow Alignment and Connection "FAC" refers to a type of energy body work that aligns us to our soul and higher self. Obstacles and issues in our lives can indicate a lack of flow and connection to our higher self. We often feel this as blocks in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. FAC allows your soul to guide and open your own inner knowingness and ability to listen to your higher self. This dynamic process opens you to higher vibrations and can facilitate shifts which can dissolve patterns, blocks and trauma. Issues can come into greater clarity. Change can occur gently and spontaneously. It becomes a dance with your soul and higher self. Each FAC session is different and will change and grow as you do. It would be an honor for me  to work with you in your process of spiritual growth.  


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