Terms and  Conditions for use of Website and Offices:

In every moment of time WE (all those represented on this web site, academic or informational references, contributors, employees including our/their entire ancestral family lineage) intend:

The information provided in our offices, from our residences and on this website whether authored by ourselves or others is intended for the benefit of our clientele and people or animals seeking healing, truth and personal sovereignty; 

Any person, or group of people, who visit(s) our offices, residences or web site, for any reason, shall not misuse, alter or access our information or energies in any way to entangle, manipulate, alter, deceive, or distort any sentient being

We, our offices and this website do not agree to be affected by any form of negative interference, alteration, entanglement, manipulation, deception or distortion intended to harm or subvert our abilities or benevolent intentions.