Steve Beissener

Steve is a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner.  He grew up in the Twin Cities, graduating from Stillwater High School and the University of Minnesota.  He has an engineering background, and in 2009 began learning about alternative methods to heal the body.  Steve’s passion is learning about the energy body and applying that to helping people bring balance back to their life.  He believes that the Body Code and Emotion Code is unique in that it addresses a wide spectrum of imbalances.


  • By Appointment Only

Services Offered:

  • Body Code and Emotional Code

What is Body Code and Emotional Code

The Body Code and Emotion Code is a form of energy work developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to identify and correct different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people.  The Body Code and Emotion deals with the health of the energy body where trapped emotional energies (emotional baggage) are released, and blocked chakras and meridians are corrected.

The Body Code has a physical side as well where the underlying causes of pathogens, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and structural imbalances are addressed according to whatever the client's body needs.  This work is all about removing energetic and physical imbalances in order to make conditions right for the body to heal itself.

The Body Code and Emotion Code is effective for animals as well as people.  It is commonly used with many kinds of animals to effectively remove energetic imbalances.


Steve certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner in February 2014, and as a Body Code Practitioner in June 2015.  He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a BS in Engineering, and the University of St. Thomas with an MBA.